Mojo Al La Femme

A new way to connect

Real you, real time, real world

We’re in an age where we’re hyper-connected but we’re feeling more disconnected and overwhelmed than ever before.  

We’re also discovering that going it alone sucks!

So, what if there was a new way of connecting with people who feel the same way as you? 

Why do we need an antidote?

Connection is absolutely vital for our health and happiness – it’s like H2O for the soul – but we’re not fully quenching our thirst.   We’re not getting the type of deep, honest, connection that we really need to thrive. But let’s face it if we’re thirsty we’re going to drink from a tainted well…we’re going to take what we can get. So you may well feel a craving for something richer but you also feel if you step away from FB, whatsapp and texting, you'll become completely disconnected and a social pariah. 

And Lord help you if you actually said what you really think and feel.

When we feel isolated, we can start to doubt ourselves.  We’re not sure if the things we want to do, create, explore are total genius or we’ve totally lost the plot.  We start comparing and despairing rather than being real and sharing.   

So it’s time for something different – it's time for an antidote

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