5 Minute Mind Hack To Relax

on Fri 9 Mar

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I don’t know about you but I can literally feel clarity, creativity and any sense of resourcefulness shrinking when I’m in a stressed place.  One of the best things you can learn to do right now is a simple psychological mind/body hack that literally helps you to calm down and think clearly.  So, I've produced a speedy audio for you to download and use so you can experience it, learn and practice it.  I recommend you read the blurb that goes with it so you understand how it works and the steps involved.  Please do like and share.     

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The 3 step hack (known as the Triangle)

  • A neuro-biological hack that immediately reduces stress and anxiety
  • An effective way of accessing a relaxed, receptive and resourceful state
  • A flexible and adaptable process that you can easily learn and use without the need for an audio.

It can be used as a stand-alone technique to change your emotional state, as a process you use when engaging in a particular activity that requires a calm, clear head (such as sports, presentations, exams) to reduce cravings or you can even use it alongside specific imagination and suggestion exercises to cultivate a positive mind-set and change in your life.

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Why does it work?

Well, it works at a neuro-biological level.  By calming down the body we calm down the mind and visa versa. This technique literally switches us out of our sympathetic nervous system (the I’m ready for imminent threat, to flight, fight, freeze mode) and switches on our para-sympathetic nervous system (our default no threat, I’m OK, relaxed mode).  The technique also quietens internal dialogue (that angst inducing monkey mind).

The fact is you cannot be in relaxed mode and anxious/stressed mode at the same time.  This technique allows us to consciously change from stressed to relaxed in a few simple steps.

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It’s primal

Think about a gazelle out in the African bush. Most of the time it needs to be in a relaxed state so it can graze and go about its business but at the same time it needs to be in a state of full sensory awareness (or risk being scoffed by a predator).  When it’s in a “no-threat” mode it will be seeing the world through peripheral vision – or wide focus. This is its default mode and it will only switch to a narrow focused attention (foveal vision) when it senses a possible threat.  Moving from peripheral vision to foveal vision automatically switches on the sympathetic nervous system to gear up to deal with imminent danger – to flight, fight, freeze.  So, if a gazelle senses movement nearby it’s no longer scanning the terrain but honing in and gearing up to shift.  If the movement turns out to something non-threatening, the gazelle will return to peripheral vision so it can continue to munch on the grass in a relaxed aware state. 

While human beings are designed to operate in the same way the default mode, for many of us these days, has become focused attention stress mode. Think about how much of your time you’re in focused attention? When you’re on your phone, when you’re frantically tapping your laptop or rushing about like a loony dropping the kids to school. We’ve forgotten how to be in open focus…in what should be our default mode.

The good news is we can learn how to shift states quickly and effectively.  The more you practice this the more you will be able to operate from a relaxed and resourceful place. 

This technique is proven to work and is used by people in various situations where a clear, calm working state is vital - from rock climbers, to the military to sports athletes.

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The triangle has 3 fundamental stages to the process:

1) You change your field of vision from focused attention to peripheral vision. You become aware of the space between things rather than the things themselves.

2) You relax your shoulders, relax your jaw and drop your tongue (behind your teeth at the bottom of your mouth)

3) You breathe deeply from the diaphragm

Now you may be wondering why dropping your tongue is part of the process.  Well, this sssshhhes the internal chatter (or thoughts) that can trigger and enhance stress and anxiety.  When we talk to ourselves internally our tongue makes microscopic movements too. Dropping your tongue suppresses this response and directly quietens the mind (remember your physiological state influences your psychological state and vice versa).

Listen to the 5 minute hypno hack


So what's making you stressed?

Learning how to change your state from strung out to chilled out is great way to improve how you think, feel and behave.  It's a great first step towards experiencing the world differently. 

Everything you experience (from what you think, feel and do) is created by your brain and what your brain can create it can most certainly change.   If there's something that's holding you back from living life to the full, know that the power to change is in your mind. 

If you're looking for help with making that change and would like to find out how I can help you be you, feel good and live well then get in touch

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