Be a Marmite

on Mon 5 Feb

One of the things that many of us struggle with is fear of not pleasing everyone, not being liked by everyone, not being approved of…basic good old fear of rejection. It’s something that I’ve certainly had to work through.  The thing is, worrying about what others think is a very effective route to becoming disconnected from who you are - to living a shadow of a life. Are you ever going to feel and live the way you want to if you’re trying to fit in with other people’s rules and expectations?

Sabotaging your self-esteem

One of the things that happens if you live this way is your self-esteem takes a right royal hit. Yes, you may avoid ‘obvious’ external rejection, but you’re ultimately diluting who you are and undervaluing yourself which is far more damaging.   

Love it or hate it

I love the idea of being a bit Marmite…not because I particularly like yeast extract, but because it’s just what it is and you either love it or hate it. Now I’m not saying I want people to hate me (that’s a bit too strong and no one wants that right?) but I’m working on accepting that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that I just might sit outside of someone’s reality, beliefs or tastes.

Now, in a previous life I struggled to get this as I had such an unbalanced drive to please others.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be accepted and liked but not at the cost of who I am.  Not at the cost of my brand.  Not at the cost of being able to really connect with the people who I light up and who light me up. 

Being bland is about being palatable and not offending and it’s hard to get positively fired up about that. Think about the people you love to spend time with, the things that you see on Facebook that you shout about and want to share. The things you have a strong opinion about. Are they bland or are they actually a little bit Marmite?

So, this is my thought for the day - how can we be a little more Marmite?  What difference would this make to how you feel about yourself and how you connect?

Have a good one.


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