Is your mind a whirling dervish?

on Fri 23 Mar

Where am I and who am I?

These days it’s not unusual for women to swap having a career in the bright lights and big city to move locations to have a bigger home, a family and perhaps a different job. This is something I understand because I gradually edged out of London to Winchester.  I loved my new city (and still do) but I have to say I didn’t fully factor in certain aspects of me that my previous life fulfilled.  Add kids into the mix and over time, without really realising it, we can lose touch with who we are, our values, loves and desires.   It can also be tricky to feel truly and deeply connected with others when you’re not connected with yourself and what you’re doing at some level.  

Making do and mends

Sometimes, while there might not be anything ‘wrong’ with your set up, deep down you know that shit needs to change or you risk not living your best life.  However, it can become very easy to bumble along because your confidence to do anything else is low or you can’t see options or a way forward. I hear a lot of women say that they’re not sure what to do because they feel stressed, busy, anxious, foggy.  They can’t see the wood for the trees. 

I don’t want to live like that, do you?

But wait…your brain is plastic!

Everything you experience is constructed by your brain – and what your mind can create your mind can change.  This includes what you think about yourself, what’s possible for you, how you perceive the world, EVERYTHING.

Ever heard of neuro-plasticity?  Well simply put it means that our brains are adaptable and changeable.  It means we can literally re-wire our brain - we can weaken old circuits and create new ones to change how we think, feel and behave.  You’re always changing and adapting…it’s a matter of giving the grey matter a different experience, different information, so it can create new meaning. 

Sometimes our brain develops patterns, responses, that over time become really bedded in.   The more we operate in this way, think and feel a certain way, the more it becomes habitual.  It can feel like it’s totally automatic and out of our conscious control. As a hypnotic coach I help my clients to disrupt these patterns so they can shape new ways of being and living. 

What can you do right now to feel better?

I don’t know about you but things go to rats if I’m strung out and stressed.  Stressed = it’s not possible, I can’t do it mode. The best thing you can do to help yourself change it up is to learn how to change your emotional state from stressed and frazzled to calm and resourceful.   

The good news is it’s easy, quick and just takes a little practice. I've put together a free audio and explanation of one simple technique you can do right now. 

Start Making Changes

Claire JohnThe other thing you can do is get some support from someone that resonates with you.  If you would like to find out more about what I do and if I can help you please do get in touch. You may be thinking I don’t want to get caught up on the phone or feel obligated if it’s not for me.  Well, if it makes you feel any better I don’t even know if I can help you yet (we won’t know until we’ve had a chat) and I only work with clients if we’re a good fit :-) 

I’m truly passionate about helping women to feel grounded in their own shoes, to be able to live according to their values and what fires them up.  To shake off the inner critic and the I should do, I need to, I must be crap that can suck you in and dilute the awesome individual you are.   

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