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on Sat 25 Mar

The last dregs of winter can find you feeling a little run down, particularly if you’ve had a run of colds, coughs and other lurgies.   If you’ve got kids it’s a perfect storm - nursery and school seem to be one big petri dish for cultivating bugs that your little ones cart home. As we head into Spring (and I recover from another cold) I’ve been inspired to start nurturing myself…to give myself a boost. While a week at a spa would be nice, I’ve recorded a relaxing hypnotic session to reduce stress and restore some semblance of vitality.   I’ve made it super short (it’s under 15 minutes) to make it super doable.

You are what you think

So why is this going to help me feel better I hear you ask? For starters, its very easy to slip into thinking negatively this time of year…we constantly think ahhhhhgh I’m so run down, this cold is never going to go, I’m bound to get that bug, I’m just exhausted!!!! and we start to condition ourselves to feel a certain way. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this but when my daughter has become a victim of the school sick bug I usually end up feeling nauseous myself as I focus (and absolutely expect) to become the lurgy’s next victim. I’m not sick, I’m just expecting to be sick!

Now, the way I conceptualise hypnosis is that it’s a form of focused attention combined with a positive expectation that something will indeed happen.   So, if this is the case what we’re doing when we repeatedly concentrate on feeling below par is we’re kind of hypnotising ourselves into feeling more crap.   Obviously we don’t want to be doing that! So the solution is to get our brains to focus on how we WANT to feel. There’s also the fact that just setting a little time aside to quieten and focus your mind is just bloody good for you.  

Whether you’re feeling a little burnt out, run down or in need of an all round pick me up this audio is for you. Enjoy!

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