Free from food issues

If you're dealing with a food allergy, intolerance or other dietary restriction, the psychological impact can be dramatic and wide reaching. 

While it is getting easier to manage a 'freefrom' diet, it can still feel overwhelming, confusing, frustrating, debilitating, limiting and generally awkward.  Food can mean so much more to us than just taste and sustenance.  It can be tied to our identify, who we are, our values, our enjoyment, social world and beliefs. 

It's one thing to know what your issue is but it can be incredibly worrying and stressful trying to find out what's wrong with you and what's triggering symptoms.  It's easy to find yourself feeling unsupported, alone and glued to Google as you navigate conflicting advice from medical doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and any other expert with an opinion.  This can make your life and even your physical symptoms very unpleasant.

I understand all this more than most people as I've navigated my own personal journey with food 'issues'.  For the last decade I've been gluten, dairy and certain 'fodmaps' free and my daughter is gluten, dairy and soya free having been diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance as an infant. Over the years I've had my moments, I've had full on tantrums, grief, sadness, even guilt but I turned what I thought was a negative into positive.  I'm freefrom and thriving and you can be too.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You spend or have spent hours on the internet looking for answers 
  • You spend your life apologising for your 'requirements'
  • You dread having to ‘deal with’ eating out, work dos, dinner parties…
  • Travelling and holidays seem a logistical nightmare
  • You don’t want to put people out
  • You don't want to feel different or difficult 
  • It’s a family issue not an individual one – everyone is affected
  • You feel guilty
  • Enjoying food is part of who you are…it’s like you're not you anymore
  • You want to feel good and be well (or you want this for your family) but you can’t escape feeling right royally pissed off!
  • Sometimes you’d rather take the consequences and have horrible symptoms than deal with it (especially when others are catering for you).

How can you change this up?

We look at this whole situation from your individual perspective – what are you thinking, feeling and doing 

We tackle negative thoughts, emotions and mental blocks that are hindering you

You’ll connect with the positives – you’ll see things differently and you’ll feel better

You’ll learn techniques that will help you manage stress and any symptoms more effectively

You work through and develop practical strategies that help you in different situations and circumstances

You'll feel more in control and empowered 



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