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Hi, I'm Claire John. I help you become the person you want to be so you can create your life to the full

I truly love what I do...but it hasn't always been that way.


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I've been there

In fact it took me a good few years of trial and error and self discovery to really understand my calling and what I enjoy. Before that I’d worked my way up the public relations agency ladder, managed events for large corporates and even dabbled in the personal training and fitness industry. I’d convinced myself that my life was peachy until I experienced bullying in the workplace and needed to take a stress related break from my career. This left me feeling completely adrift. I found that my identity, self worth and confidence were on the floor. I felt completely stuck.

Whilst I realised that this was ‘logically’ ridiculous and that I wasn’t done yet, I didn’t have the skills, knowledge and mental resilience to navigate my way out of my perceived hole. It wasn’t until I hit a rocky period in my life that I really began to understand that the way we interpret the world, our learnt programming if you like, impacts the way we think, feel and behave.  

When my daughter was born I suffered from post-natal anxiety and depression.   I got some counselling to help me deal with these challenges, make some decisions and get my life back on track. I began to realise that the pressure we put on ourselves, our beliefs about what we ‘should’ be doing as women and the never-ending torrent of advice meant that many of us were simply surviving rather than thriving. I realised that I was basing my life, my decisions and choices on external acceptance and validation rather than valuing and trusting myself.

From here I began the journey that would lead me to change my life and develop a career where I help others do the same.

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I began to learn more and more about mental health, mind-set and change work and went back to college to study counselling with the aim of helping others. During this period I also had hypnotherapy and my personal experience convinced me not only of the power of the mind but also how it really is possible to change. That our minds are plastic, flexible and adaptable – that hypnosis helps us focus in a way that taps into this.

I knew that I wanted hypnosis to be a key component of my work. I went on to qualify as a hypnotherapist gaining my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma at what I believe is the best, most reputable and certainly the most evidence based college in the field.  


The Unlimited Club

And customised it

From here I undertook a coaching course and began to develop my own style of working. Now I use this mixed knowledge and experience to produce tailored programs for my clients.  I continue to develop my practice through training and mentorship with some of the best change practitioners in the business.

My mission is really about empowering you to make the changes necessary to live your best life.  

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