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to help women thrive

Be brave, be bold be the optimal you!

At your core you know you're a driven, fun loving, grab-life-by-the-balls kind of a woman but these days you’re just not feeling it.

Time to reconnect with who you are, what you want and what you love. 


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Who can Thrive?

Well you can if you’re ready to put your mind to it!

Whatever stage you’re at, Thrive is about nailing where you want to be and giving you the oomph to get there.   No matter how strong, driven or motivated you are it can seem that there are barriers getting in your way. Choice is something you used to have. I’m here to help you shift these mental blocks so you can get back to the helm and restore some balance.

Start Thriving

Thrive Life

You know you want to shake things up - to be more fulfilled, confident, happy.

You might not know what that looks like yet or you may have a specific goal in mind. What you do know is that you're fed up with feeling meh. It's well and truly time to face the cliff, hold onto your butt and fly.

Thrive Mums

Surviving not thriving? Feeling stuck? Disconnected?

Unlock the answers within you with a tailored support program for mums - find the best route forward and blast any mental barriers out of the way.



Claire John registered hypnotherapist in Winchester, Hampshire
Get the best out of life with life coaching in Hampshire with Claire John

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